Bookshelf Do-Over

I love incorporating color, pattern and texture into all areas of my house. Recently I have become more and more obsessed with utilizing the fine paper that is available at countless stores. 

Also, I had noticed that the bookshelves in my living room were starting to look a little cluttered. Although I first tried taking away some decorative accents (I would describe myself as more of a maximalist in this department...) I quickly realized the real issue. All of my books. Cook books, children's books from my days in the classroom, Jason's business books, the list goes on, and on, and on. From bright orange, to antique, neon green, to gray the mishmash of colors and the combination of typography was turning my shelves into a hot mess.

Then it dawned on me- repaper the books! Luckily I had already purchased some paper and it was sitting in my closet, just waiting to be used. I also had some extra fabric laying around which I used on a few books and in a little picture frame too!

This whole project didn't cost a lot of money, took very little time and really changed the cohesiveness of my bookshelves. 

Boxwood Accent Wall

After returning from my trips and gathering so much inspiration, I decided to take on a little DIY project. I have always loved boxwood used in traditional ways-wreaths, topiaries, and so on- but oh my goodness, the possibilities I just witnessed were endless!

I love bright colors, and green boxwood was just what I needed behind my barcart! I was also hoping it would make my vintage mirror pop too-which it did. Luckily you can purchase faux boxwood mats that clip together.  We simply hung them with a few nails-the back of the boxwood mats looks like a grid which makes for easy hanging. And viola, a fun, bright boxwood wall!

Side-note: One of the best parts of New York City is that you can walk around with a giant bag of faux greenery and nobody looks twice. I bought mine on our way out of the city before we headed home to Boston. 

Don't mind my reflection in the mirror-I was in my PJ's because there was a blizzard outside!

Buying, Buying and More Buying!

Happy Snowy Monday from Boston! The past few weeks have been super busy! I just returned from two buying trips, one in New York City and one in Atlanta.  

Mixing timeless style elements with new trends is what I love, and I knew both of these trips would be the perfect opportunity to purchase items for my online shop that do just that! As I continue to curate tablescapes I have decided to add some other table and party related products for purchase-I just couldn't resist!

A little side note- I got to meet Gray Malin, who I just love!