Our TV debut!

What a crazy three months it has been! Place & Gather is up and running and busy! Last week our feature on ABC's Chronicle aired. It was so fun having them come and shoot the store. Chronicle has been on the air in New England for 35 years and they were such a joy to work with. The producer, Stan, totally put me at ease-he has worked on the show for 30 years-clearly a professional! It is so funny watching yourself back. Luckily, I have had to videotape myself teaching and give myself feedback for years before this, so it wasn't as scary to watch as I thought.

I am so appreciative of all the people who have stopped in because they saw Place & Gather on TV. I love how many people have driven from all over Massachusetts to shop. Also, people who took pictures of their TV screen and shopped with me that way-you are amazing! I sold out of my little white and gold pineapples because of my TV screen shoppers! (I promise I'll get more in) 

Please feel free to watch our clip here: