Shop Preparations

With my lease beginning, I am moving full steam ahead to get Place & Gather up and running. I have a fantastic designer, Sonja, who is helping me transform my vision boards (and there are many!) into the most polished and delightful retail space. I absolutely knew we had to work together after I learned she created the showroom for Jill Rosenwald inside of her studio (whose amazing vases, bowls and plates will be sold at my shop!).

Sonja, my trusted friend Lauren, and I met for about 6 hours on Saturday. We brainstormed, spent a lot of time discussing the customer experience and ultimately designed the layout of the store. Our space is charming-built in the late 1700’s- and quaint, and our goal is to make it feel like an inspired home.



One of the most exciting elements of building out the space is collecting the fixtures and furniture that will adorn Place & Gather. Having Sonja’s guideline allows me to hunt for fabulous pieces that will fit perfectly!

In the most amazing turn of events, a few days ago when going out for Easter Brunch, we discovered that near my husband’s hometown, there were tons of antique shops that were open! What luck! (I’m sure that is not at all what my husband was thinking…) We had Lauren along with us, and found some awesome pieces that after a little elbow grease and lacquer paint will become part of Place & Gather.