Boxwood Accent Wall

After returning from my trips and gathering so much inspiration, I decided to take on a little DIY project. I have always loved boxwood used in traditional ways-wreaths, topiaries, and so on- but oh my goodness, the possibilities I just witnessed were endless!

I love bright colors, and green boxwood was just what I needed behind my barcart! I was also hoping it would make my vintage mirror pop too-which it did. Luckily you can purchase faux boxwood mats that clip together.  We simply hung them with a few nails-the back of the boxwood mats looks like a grid which makes for easy hanging. And viola, a fun, bright boxwood wall!

Side-note: One of the best parts of New York City is that you can walk around with a giant bag of faux greenery and nobody looks twice. I bought mine on our way out of the city before we headed home to Boston. 

Don't mind my reflection in the mirror-I was in my PJ's because there was a blizzard outside!