A 360 Approach to Styling Your Bookshelves

I was rearranging something on my bookshelves (yet again) and it dawned on me-we never posted about the FABULOUS Donna Garlough and her Bookshelf Styling Workshop. It is fair to say everyone was blown away at how effortless styling is for her (she is the Style Director at Joss & Main and the Brand Manager at Wayfair after all). Also, she's just an awesome person. A good time was had by all. She shared so much information and we want to share it with you. 

Here were some of our big takeaways from her "360 Approach to Styling Your Bookshelves":

Create a Visual Skyline

Make sure you have items with different heights. The difference in height allows your eyes to travel up and down creating interest. Balance weights and shapes too. If you have a square stack of books on the right, don't do the same directly below. Switch the side you place the next stack of books on. Also, starting with bigger items and working your way down to smaller pieces helps fill in gaps. Don't forget, a weird shaped item helps break things up (hello gold monkeys on my bookshelves!). 

Front to Back

Placing items towards the front of your bookshelves helps make sure items don't get lost. That being said, don't push everything to the very front. You can always lean art or larger books against the back of shelves. In the words of Donna, "aim for dynamic depth". 

Use Those Books

Group them by size and by color. Put books with fun patterned covers lower so you can actually see and enjoy them. Make sure the spines are hitting the light. Also, too many mismatched or funky spines? Turn them around!

Heavier on the Bottom

Make sure you are placing items that are visually heavier on the bottom of your shelves. This was a mistake I was making at home. Placing larger boxes and objects on your lower shelves helps to not draw your eye directly to big pieces first.  

Add Something Alive

Greenery is always welcome. Make sure you have a fern, succulent or some sort of houseplant you love. They add color and texture. I had to pick one that responds well to low light-any nursery or flower shop can help point you in the right direction, even if you have a brown thumb. 

Repetition Creates Cohesion

Repeating items makes your shelves look purposeful. Use like materials, objects or colors. This is an area I feel like I can work on because I get so excited about including everything-does anyone else feel the same way?

And finally I'll leave you with this quote: "Metallics are neutral in my world". We couldn't agree more.

This will not be our last event with Donna because of popular demand. We will update you when we have another class in the books. Also, look for a book signing with her in the future-Your Home Your Style comes out in March.