Peony Vase Louis Ballet by Jill Rosenwald

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Our handmade Louis peony vase is such a fun piece. Its a great vase, the bold pattern can make a small arrangement have a big impact. You can even use it to hold makeup brushes, toothbrushes, or put it on a desk. We love how easy it is to mix and match this vase with some of our other larger cylinder vases. You can go two routes, many sizes, or many colors, either way the result is pure bliss. This vase is a great gift, the Louis pattern is a timeless classic. All pieces are accented with gold trim, making it the perfect luxury item for anyone who loves a touch of sparkle

Details, Dimensions & Care

4” H X 4” W

Handmade in Jill Rosenwald's Boston Studio
Go ahead, pop it in the gentle cycle of your dishwasher. But remember no microwave-y!

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