Cat Yoga

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Err, I think you mean Downward Cat.

How can you tell whether your cat is purr-fecting its Sphinx pose or just being, well, a cat? You may think your cat is just a naturally bendy weirdo, but the truth is, they're probably one of the growing number of Zen Yogi Cats - and this book is here to expose what happens when yoga and cats collide. Whether they're paws-ing to enjoy their morning Sun Salutations, working on their flexibility, searching for the divine (laser) light or exhaling furballs, these cats are getting their om-meow on in the world of Cat Yoga.
Combine the wonderful world of yoga with everyone's favorite animal, and you have Cat Yoga. Hilarious full-color cartoons from illustrator Danny Cameron are paired with witty captions in this tongue-in-cheek look at yoga, through the eyes of our feline friends.
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